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Milk Baby was born when our son began formula feeding. As a busy mom who is frequently out and about, I found lugging around an overflowing diaper bag to be like a ball and chain. It was always stuffed to the brim with extra clothes, diapers, baby bottle, toys and the dreaded formula container that only carried 3 servings.  No matter how I consolidated, there was always the "container". Often times, on longer day trips multiple servings were needed which meant multiple containers. Even after use, there was still the 'container' to carry back home and clean.  
Frustrated with the lack of portable formula storage solutions on the market, the Milk Baby formula bag was created. A compact, portable and disposable formula bag. By using the compact and disposable formula bags, powder formula can be carried in multiple servings and easily stored in the diaper bag without taking up much needed space. The Milk Baby formula bag is not just limited to formula, I have used it for baby cereal, baby food, snacks, and much more. I hope that you will find the Milk Baby formula bags as useful as I have!
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